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The BEST way to build a fun, play-based bond with your dog!

Tricks are the best way to build a fun, play-based bond with your dog, at any age! They're also an incredibly important part of any training program. Training that is fun, encourages problem solving, strengthens your bond with your dog, andbuilds strength, coordination, and motivation, even in a small space…it's perfect! 

Four Months Of Trick Training!

This course contains FOUR MONTHS of lessons, with multiple tricks to work on each week! Class starts September 5th, and a new lesson is released every two weeks. Each week you will have 4-6 really cool tricks to work on. If you've ever wondered how to teach some of the cool tricks you see people doing with their dogs online – this is the class for you! 

Why Take This Course?

  • Build motivation and strengthen your bond with your dog!
  • Work on behaviors essential for fitness and mental readiness for agility!
  • HAVE FUN!!

What Will You Need?

The best part about trick training is that you can teach most tricks with props you have lying around the house, and very little space!

What Will You Learn?

Take a look at the syllabus for this course! 

A new lesson is available every two weeks! Participants get feedback on their video submissions - spectators can watch, learn, and discuss!

Zanee Agility Tricks - Course Syllabus

Module 1 Lesson One
Unit 1 Getting Started
Unit 2 Why Teach Tricks?
Unit 3 Targeting
Unit 4 Back Up
Unit 5 Wave
Unit 6 Sit Pretty
Unit 7 Frog
Unit 8 Feet In The Box
Module 2 Lesson Two
Unit 1 Limping
Unit 2 Hug A Pole
Unit 3 Backing In To 2On/2Off
Unit 4 Feet On Feet
Unit 5 Face Smash
Module 3 Lesson Three
Unit 1 Backing Up The Stairs
Unit 2 Put Your Toys Away
Unit 3 Independent Rear Leg Lifts
Unit 4 Drumming
Unit 5 Wind
Unit 6 Crawl Forward And Backward
Module 4 Lesson Four
Unit 1 Limping On A Rear Foot
Unit 2 Hug A Bottle
Unit 3 Handstand
Unit 4 Cover Your Face
Unit 5 Side Legs
Module 5 Lesson Five
Unit 1 Foot Stall - Part 1
Unit 2 Crawling Sideways
Unit 3 Sit Up - Down - Sit Up
Unit 4 Hug A Pole - Pick Up A Bottle
Unit 5 Bite The Tail
Module 6 Lesson Six
Unit 1 Hug A Pole - Catch The Bottle
Unit 2 Jump In To Your Arms
Unit 3 Bite Your Leg
Unit 4 Sit Up To Stand Up To Sit Up
Unit 5 Head Bang
Module 7 Lesson Seven
Unit 1 Foot Stall - Part 2
Unit 2 Walking In Slippers Or Shoes
Unit 3 Penguin
Unit 4 Hug Your Friend
Unit 5 Closing Cupboards And Doors
Unit 6 Vaulting Off Your Body
Module 8 Lesson Eight
Unit 1 Skateboarding
Unit 2 Flip A Towel Over Your Head
Unit 3 Sit Up And Cover Your Face
Unit 4 Turn Off The Lights
Unit 5 Course Survey

Participants - $249

Get feedback on your work for FOUR MONTHS!

Spectators - $124

Watch, learn, and discuss for FOUR MONTHS!


I have a high standard for the quality of feedback I expect in an online course. Jordan's feedback* is detailed and extensive, with tips for moving forward and making progress with each trick presented. She clearly understands and communicates the concepts of clear criteria, placement and frequency of reinforcement, and timing. AND, she's FUN!

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What Students Are Saying About This Course!

Average rating:  
 9 reviews
by Barb Marzoli on Zanee Agility Tricks
Zannee Tricks

I took the zannee tricks class earlier this year as a spectator and it was fun and informative and even though I was a spectator I found it easy to follow and was able to train many of the tricks. Thanks Jordan Biggs

by Kelly Ross on Zanee Agility Tricks
A must

OMG can't wait

by Karen Ricks on Zanee Agility Tricks
Awesome Paws Skill Drills

I would like to take the online class Awsome Paws Skill Drill. I have not taken this particular class but I am currently in the 2018 Agility Challenge and have taken the 2012 Precision handling Exercises and had very good experience with the courses. You always get more than your money’s worth. Like taking private lessons, with good written instructions and video demonstrating. Feed back on your video post.

Thanks Karen! I'll look forward to seeing you in the course!

by Kate Riley on Zanee Agility Tricks
Fun, Fun, Fun!

What more can I say, this class was great FUN! I am always looking for new things to teach my dog and Jordan's course definitely filled the bill! We learned lots of fun and impressive tricks and everything was broken down, step-by-step!

by Deana Attebery on Zanee Agility Tricks
Tricks and agility

Loved this course. Annie and I have so much showing off our tricks. She is supposed to be a dog but she is such a ham! The added bonus was it revealed weaknesses that we could fix with the tricks that carried through in agility. For example she did not have the core strength for the 'sit pretty'. With Jordan's feedback we were able to get the 'sit pretty' and it has helped Annie to not drop bars in agility. Highly recommend this FUN course. Benefits are great!

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