Video Upload 

You can use this form to upload a video directly to Daisy. Please include a SHORT description of the video you’re uploading.

Please name your file according to the following convention: whatever the file extension is – .mov, .wmv, .mp4, .avi are all of the typical file formats for movies). This may seem like a long filename, but if there are several videos being sent my way, clear categorization is essential!


If you are uploading your video file because you have footage Daisy would like to use in an upcoming video project, a testimonial, or any other public use, please also fill out a RELEASE AGREEMENT, name it according to the file convention above, and upload as a doc, docx, pdf, jpg, or png file. If your video is used for a project such as a running contacts DVD, or any other saleable item, you will receive a free copy of that product, should your video appear in it.