Would you like your dog to take the jump you indicated and be able to leave early, even from a distance?

What Students Are Saying About This Course!


Great course, well organized

I would recommend this course to advanced students who enjoy training, and who have an interest in running international-style courses. This is not something needed on many (any?) courses on the US, because of our course design, and because we do not need to win out to advance. I like the quizzes and the way the course is set up to test our understanding. It's not too difficult, but we do need to pay attention. I also like the fact that we can review all our answers to quizzes before we submit. Overall, the course is very thoughtfully designed. It left me wanting to train in person with Anna. I want to thank Anna for designing it, and Daisy for offering it through the Online Classroom. I definitely see the advantage of freeing the dog from dependence on handler motion to get the jumping effort needed. I'm glad I took this class to understand it.

Kathy S

Excellent Course

I would recommend this course to my training partners and instructor. I found it much easier to follow than other similar courses I have taken. It was broken down into easy to follow sections and having the quizzes helped as well. I found this course quite a bit better than some other online courses. The main benefit I see from this course is how I can be a better partner on course with my dog.

Stacey M

Great way to teach directionals

I would recommend this course to all my agility friends. it is a great way to teach directionals. I like that everything is broken down into easy doable steps.

Lana R

Teaches very useful skills

This is a very useful skill set that I think everyone could benefit from. This course is very good, I find Daisy's classes have the best videos and instructions. This course was great for helping with independent obstacle performance.

Diane K

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 Can't get to where you want to be? Need to cue a turn as  your dog is committing to a jump but not there to do it?

Teaching your dog a verbal left and right cue that  you can use to tell your dog to turn left or right at a jump, regardless of your location or motion, is an invaluable skill! Whether your goal is better distance handling, better international skills, or just a fun behavior to teach your dog, this course will give you and your dog the skills of a verbal left and right jump cue! 

Taught by Anna Hinze, many of the exercises can be done with young dogs or even puppies. As it takes some time to master the discrimination between left and right, it is one of the first things she teaches her puppy.

Scroll down to read more and see the course outline!

What is this course about?

The skills you will learn in this course will give you and your dog a solid understanding of a verbal left and right jump cue works, and how to use them on course. By the end of the class, you and your dog should have a better understanding of left and right on a verbal cue. You'll learn:

  • How to teach your dog left and right on the flat
  • How to increase your dog's obstacle focus and independence, as well as improving on your dog's tight turns
  • How to proof left and right independent of your body motion or location
  • How to teach your dog left and right on a jump
  • How to proof left and right on a jump independent of your body motion or location
  • When and where you might use your left and right cue on course
  • How to avoid traps after jumps
  • How to discriminate between Left and Right and other obstacles

What Dogs Can Take This Course?

Because Anna will be starting with foundation, you can start this course with young dogs or even puppies! It takes time to master the discrimination between left and right, so the earlier you start, the better! Your dog does not need to know how to jump to start this course!

However, all exercises that involve turning at high speed shouldn't be done before your dog is fully grown and his body is ready to cope with this type of activity.

What Will You Need?

  • 2-3 Jumps (wings preferred)
  • One Tunnel
  • A 50x50' space or larger

What Will You Learn?

Take a look at the syllabus for this course! 

Teaching Left and Right Course Outline

Module 1 THINK
Unit 1 Intro
Unit 2 Take Your First Spin
Unit 3 The 4 Scenarios
Unit 4 Quiz: 4 Scenarios
Unit 5 Turning Around Objects
Unit 6 Share Your Ideas: Circling Objects
Unit 7 Transferring To Wings
Unit 8 Spread Your Wings Out
Unit 9 Quiz: Module 1
Unit 10 Wrapping Up Module 1
Module 2 RUN
Unit 1 Thoughts On Speed And Drive
Unit 2 Switching To A Toy
Unit 3 Double The Excitement
Unit 4 Placing The Reward
Unit 5 Distance And Speed
Unit 6 Quiz: Module 2
Unit 7 Wrapping Up Module 2
Unit 1 Toys or Treats?
Unit 2 Are You Paying Attention?
Unit 3 What's Your Angle?
Unit 4 Survey: Most Difficult Angle
Unit 5 Adding Handler Motion
Unit 6 Toy After Jump Trap
Unit 7 Traps After The Jump
Unit 8 Discrimination With Other Obstacles
Unit 9 Quiz: Module 3
Unit 10 Wrapping Up Module 3
Module 4 APPLY
Unit 1 Raising The Bar
Unit 2 Figure 8's
Unit 3 Sequencing With Jumps
Unit 4 Approaching With Speed
Unit 5 Avoiding Traps
Unit 6 Quiz: Module 4
Unit 7 Wrapping Up Module 4

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