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Building Your Own Measuring Wicket

Your Very Own Sticky Wicket

Anna Hinze's May demonstrates the new measuring wicket!

Anna Hinze’s May demonstrates the new measuring wicket!

The height of your dog determines what height they will need to jump. The measuring process can be a stressful one for some dogs and “real” measuring wickets are $250, whew! Here’s a simple version of a wicket that costs no more than $10 in materials. This project is very easy and can be adjusted depending on your needs.  This wicket was made to use 1 length of 10 foot PVC pipe in order to maximize the use of it. I made the width quite wide (2 ft wide) so that I could accommodate fairly wide dogs, again you could easily alter the width in order to accommodate the dogs you are planning to measure.

Step One – Gather Your Supplies and Cut the PVC

You will need the following pieces:

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