Clear Mind: A Goal Setting Workbook For Dog Agility Handlers 

Includes a foreword by one of agility’s top competitors and coaches, Linda Mecklenburg

“This E-book is the result of me spending countless hours and much effort going through sport psychology resources to find information I could apply to agility. I wanted to write a book that was practical as well as sports specific for agility handlers. I was very fortunate to acquire Shawna Palmer as a student, as she brought with her a wealth of knowledge on goal setting, visualization, mental management, and the practical application of those aspects of sport.” ~Daisy

“I encourage all handlers to take advantage of the step-by-step guidance Clear Mind provides in order to help you achieve your dreams in
agility.” ~Linda Mecklenburg

Ready to take your handling to the next level? Co-authored by Daisy Peel and Shawna Palmer, Ph.D, CLEAR MIND focuses on immediate application of goal setting principles aimed at achieving your handling potential. Each chapter discusses an important topic in setting dynamic and effective goals. With step by step guidance, handlers will finish with a solid plan for agility success and an understanding of how to continue setting the most effective goals for years to come. 50 pages.

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Too often handlers do not follow through with critical evaluation of their performance. Gaining feedback about your performance, and tracking progress toward your goals, are essential steps if the effort of training and competing is going to be maximized. Clear Mind2 provides an efficient method of record keeping and goal tracking. For greater benefit, use with Clear Mind: A Goal Setting Workbook for Agility Handlers. Available only in Print – clicking will take you to CreateSpace, the publisher of the print version.