My New Favorite Drill – Jacob’s Ladder 

 March 13, 2015

By  Lori Michaels

A while ago, Alen Marekovic from Croatia posted a recent training exercise on facebook.  His course was the base for the following exercises and I give him full credit for the design inspiration!  I immediately saw the 5 parallel jumps at the top as a unique challenge that would make for an interesting drill.  So, with a little simplification to focus on that part of his original design, I was able to come up with a fun adaptation that resulted in a fresh new challenge which I introduced to my classes this last week.  Here is the basic set-up:

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Lori Michaels

An avid dog training enthusiast since childhood, Lori has been dedicated to the sport of agility over the last 13 years by competing at national and international events, as well as instructing classes and seminars throughout the US.

Daisy Peel

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