Podcast Session 8: Equipment Safety 

 November 1, 2012

By  Daisy Peel

Today I wanted to take a moment to talk about equipment safety.

Topics in this podcast include:

  • balance cost, convenience, and safety
  • my travels around the world looking at equipment
  • why i want to talk about it
  • what makes equipment unsafe
  • what makes equipment safe
  • why you should care
My chute fabric has a weight at the end to keep the fabric from twisting.
My tunnel is lightweight AND the fabric is very durable. My Australian style jumps in the back are very lightweight as well – they don’t stand up in high winds, but that is a sacrifice I make in exchange for safety.
Here’s a wing jump from Colombia. Lightweight, only one cup on each side, falls away from the middle of the jump.
This style of jump is not nearly as safe. Connected across the bottom with extra cups made of metal. Here, convenience may have taken priority over dog safety.
These wingless standards are metal, but at least they’re not connected at the bottom.
Here is an example of a pair of lightweight wings.
This double is lightweight and not connected across the bottom.
This wingless jump is made of PVC and is not connected across the bottom. It’s safe and lightweight.

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Daisy Peel

Daisy has been on the forefront of the trend of online agility education, and her Online Classroom is one of the leading sources for those seeking to improve the quality of their participation in the sport from afar. Her instruction, whether online or in person, is widely sought after as some of the best instruction available for those at any level, with any type of dog.

Daisy Peel

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