Online Handling Lessons 

Online handling lessons are a valuable way for Daisy’s students to get additional feedback from Daisy, in addition to online classes. If you are currently a spectator or participant in one of Daisy’s handling classes, you’re eligible for online handling lessons.

Before a lesson with Daisy, you’ll be provided with a set up so you can have your agility equipment ready to go. If you’re in a current handling class, we’ll use that week’s sequences as a baseline to start from.

You’ll need some equipment, hardware and software, to participate with Daisy in a lesson. You’ll need:

  • A good internet connection
  • A webcam (an iPad, for example) on a tripod or held by a friend
  • A bluetooth device that you can wear in your ear, that is connected to the webcam, is helpful – that way you can hear what Daisy is saying without having to return to your webcam constantly
  • Skype, or FaceTime (both free)

And, that’s it!