9 weeks to 15 weeks – Puppy foundation training

In the short 8 weeks I have had my new puppy, “Drama”, he has traveled to Montana, California and northern Washington with me learning how to be a good traveler and my training partner. WOW I can’t believe how much we have accomplished in 8 short weeks.

Drama now understands the clicker and how to offer behaviors. He also comes when I call him, looks for me when I am behind him and checks in regularly when free in the yard. I attribute all this to the time we have spent learning about each other, learning from each other and developing our relationship while training useful behaviors that prepare him for a life in the sport of agility.
Below is a progression of behaviors that can be done to improve your puppy’s body awareness. You can see by watching the videos that my puppy has learned a lot about his body in a short period of time and at a very young age.

Benefits of teaching a performance puppy body awareness exercises at an early age are listed below:
• good foundation of movement
• coordination and stability
• confidence
• dog/human bond

Short sessions several times a day, about every other day when life permits is IMO, the very best way to train. By short I mean, put 10 pieces of kibble in your hand and train until those 10 pieces are gone. Resist the urge to grab another handful – short sessions will get you to your desired goal quicker.

Here is a log of what we have been up to. I hope you enjoy our journey as much as we have 

Between 9 weeks and 12 weeks old Drama learned
1. surface training over many obstacles
2. independent back up using a channel
3. cavaletti’s
4. short walking and trotting on a treadmill

At 13-14 weeks old Drama learned:
1. an independent back up without a channel.
2. Backing up a board
3. climbing up a steep incline
4. balance on same side feet
5. core muscle engagement
6. lateral shoulder stability

Now at 15 weeks old, Drama has learned all four feet on the FitPAWS Paw Pods.

These are the types of things you can do with your puppy to build a relationship, to teach your puppy about his body and to prepare him for a life training and competing in canine performance sports.

Bobbie Lyons, Pawsitive Performance