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Does your dog have trouble with 'slice' approaches to jumps?

Not sure what a 'slice' approach to a jump IS?

Find out in this course!

Taught by Daisy Peel and originally presented as monthly Challenges in The Agility Challenge, this course will develop your understanding of what slice approaches to jumps are, why they're challenging for your dog, AND how to train your dog to be prepared to successfully navigate slice approaches to jumps!

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What is this course about?

THIS COURSE IS ALL ABOUT SLICE APPROACHES TO JUMPS! By the end of the class, you and your dog should have a better understanding of what constitutes a slice approach to a jump, and how to successfully navigate these types of jumping efforts. You'll learn:

  • What the different types of slice approaches to jumps are
  • Why slice approaches to jumps are challenging for your dog
  • How to help your dog keep the bar up on a slice approach to a jump
  • The safety considerations when dealing with slice approaches to jumps
  • How to train your dog to navigate a slice approach to a jump
  • How to cue slice approaches to jumps in short sequences

What Are Students Saying About This Course?

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A gem!

This is such a gem. It’s full of lots of helpful info!

Karen - Agility Challenge Team Member

Highly Recommend

Daisy puts together a great step-by-step process for training your dog on various slice jump efforts.
From the ground up, your dog will learn the mechanics needed for slicing jumps. From there she teaches you how to begin incorporating the skill into short sequences and building confidence with the skill. She also teaches you how to identify various slice jumping scenarios and strategies for handling. Whether this skill is new to you and your dog or you want to tighten up your serpentines, threadles, and turns following a slice, I highly recommend this class. Daisy does a fantastic job of analyzing and providing valuable feedback.

Karen M - Agility Challenge Team Member

Teach your dog to be a better jumper!

Daisy’s content is always very thorough and her feedback is very detailed. She sees little details that make a big difference.
As an Agility Challenge student, we covered jump slices. Are you afraid your dog won’t take the jump if you set them up on the slice? Maybe the bar will come down if your dog has to slice the jump. Fear not! You can teach your dog to be a better jumper and you can trust your handling on serpentines no matter how they are presented. This course will give you the training and confidence to execute any slice, serpentine with a variety of handling choices.

Patty - Agility Challenge Team Member

Easy to understand

Daisy Peel breaks things down in easy to understand pieces. Daisy explains the the whys and how’s, demonstrates with her dogs and then shows you again in slo-mo. I love her classes and highly recommend them.

Diane - Agility Challenge Team Member

Eye opener!

The coursework in slices really opened my eyes to the subtle handling needed. As well my dog gained a better understanding of her job getting over the jumps clean even at an angle.

Kristina K - Agility Challenge Team Membere

I like how it was broken down into small and easy to follow instructions. The video was great too.

How to properly and safely teach your dog slices.


Stacey Melko

Very helpful!

I thought this was very helpful as it helped me gain a better understanding of what the dog needs to do for a successful slice jump. And as always with the Challenge we were able to try handling slice jumps in small sequences with the Sharpen Up and Piece It Together exercises.

With this course you will gain a better understanding of the difficulty of the slice jump! I'd recommend this course to anyone who enjoys improving their handling skills and having fun training with their dog :)

Ann Newquist

Very important skills taught here!

This class addressesa very important foundation jumping skill. It complements all the jump work we've been doing!

If you don't take this course, you will have a gap in your skills find it harder to get downstream from your dog!

Claire Meyer

Great course!

I really appreciated the step-by-step approach with it's clear, easy to follow instructions and video demonstrations, progressing from very simple, basic set-ups to intermediate and advanced drills that you won't find in this compact form anywhere else as an online course. Apart from always taking care about the safety of the dog, Daisy never gets tired to comment on students videos so that every handler, no matter if beginner or experienced competitor, can get out most of this excellent course.

You will get a deep understanding of the mechanics/handling of sliced jumps and Daisy will also help you to decide where/when on a course a sliced jump would be the best choice for you and your dog. I would strongly recommend this great course to everybody thoroughly interested in competing with their agility dogs as in most trials sliced jumps frequently are the best solutions if it comes to choosing the optimum/fastest line for your dog.

Sabine Lackner

Brilliant - a must

brilliant instruction as always.. a must for dogs at all levels to consolidate

Susan M - Agility Challenge Team Member

The videos and the illustrations (handlers and dogs lines) were so useful. Plus you can download the videos, loved it!

Lots of exercises to practice a very useful but not that easy skill

Everybody that does a bit of agility, but not for the complete beginner.

Colette Boudreau

Easy to understand!

Easy to understand material with great videos!

Caitlin - Agility Challenge Team Member

Great addition to your jump training program!

This course is a great addition to your jump training program! Daisy’s overview, explanations, exercises, and demonstrations are exceptional! No matter what organization or level you compete in this course will be valuable. And, her videos and content are always of the highest quality! Enjoy!

Michele - Agility Challenge Team Member

What Dogs Can Take This Course?

This course is designed for dogs that are already old enough to jump agility jumps at their full height. Dogs that are not physically or mentally prepared to jump agility jumps are not ready for this course. If your dog has started his agility jumping education, and is learning how to sequence on sequences of 1-5 jumps, this course is appropriate for your dog. Some of the sequences toward the end of the course will be more challenging for you and your dog, and may be appropriate as you and your dog gain experience together as a team, and as your dog's jump training has progressed a little further.

What Will You Need?

  • 6 Jumps (wings preferred)
  • One Tunnel
  • A 50x50' space or larger

What Will You Learn?

Take a look at the syllabus for this course! 

It Matters How You Slice It Course Outline

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