Why Online Classes? 

How the DaisyPeel.com Online Classroom Works

(and why you might want to sign up)

There are several different classes available in the online classroom. Some classes are held for a specific number of weeks, and others are open for an indefinite amount of time, such as those classes that are open to ongoing seminar students

For those classes held for a specific number of weeks, reading the class description will tell you how many weeks that class runs for. Classes may be extended if necessary, depending on my travel/competition schedule, and the needs of the class.

Those enrolled in a class may be enrolled as participants, or auditors. Participants enrolled have the ability to upload videos for critique by myself, as well as other students (participants and auditors). Auditors can participate in critique and discussion, but will not be allowed to post videos. Discussion topics posted by participants will receive preferential responses by me, although I will respond to ALL topics.

Once the class is over, your role in the class as a student will expire and you will no longer have access to that particular class. If, as a participant, you as the student or me as the instructor feel that your progress in a class wasn’t sufficient, you will be allowed to repeat the class at half price, one time.

We’re all in this together – I am a firm believer in the Socratic Method, and your contributions are vital to make this work! However, all classes should be considered as moderated; this is a learning environment and not just a forum, so respect for fellow students is essential, and any behavior that disturbs the learning environment may result in a student’s discontinuation in the class with no refund. I also reserve the right to disallow a student from joining a class for any reason.