Skilled jumpers are the result of training - don't rely on luck or natural talent!

Foundation Training On The Flat Is Essential For Every Successful Jumping Program!!

Training on the flat refers to skills training for agility that is done without jumps, such as sends, recalls, working at side, basic turns, and so on. To help you prepare your dog for jump training, you'll first need to practice the skills your needs on the flat: collection and extension, bending, lead changes, and so on. In this course, we'll introduce each skill at a standstill and progressively add motion.  This class will introduce your dog to skills "on the flat" that are the foundation of jump training such as: basic turns, recalls, sends, wraps and offering to circle a cone. This class is designed to give students and their dogs the understanding of the skills needed to handle sequences on the flat prior to starting a jumping program with their dogs.

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The Essential Building Blocks

The skills you will learn in these two courses are essential building blocks that help your dog learn the mechanical skills it needs for jumping. Once your dog learns the skills on the flat, you can use them first to teach—and later to practice and improve—your dog's jumping skills. Although some of the skills you learn here may also be used as a foundation for handling, that is not the intention of the training included in these courses. The drills in these modules are designed to teach jumping skills.

These courses will draw from material that appears in Linda Mecklenburg's book, Mastering Jumping Skills, which is a requirement for this course! We will go through the skills required to help your dog learn to move his body effectively on course, for extending, collecting, turning, and everything in between. If your dog does not have the skills below, he will not be able to most effectively use his body, on the flat, or over the jumps, which are the most important obstacle on any agility course!

What Students Are Saying About This Course!


Gets you up and RUNNING!

I feel the course helps break down everything and give some structure to my practice and learning so I don’t sit looking at my book not knowing where to start. That’s always my biggest challenge- getting overwhelmed. The course got us up and running

Kathy Mocharnuk

This course is a must!

This course is a must. Helped me with my older experienced teammate and my younger inexperienced teammate. We are always told to make it simple but we expect our teammates to learn skills while jumping. This takes the jumping out of the picture and puts it on the flat so our teammate can focus on his body and the skill prior to adding in the jumping .


It's all here!

I took this course to assist me in navigating the intro work in Mastering Jumping Skills with a young dog. I wanted a guide, and I wanted video to assist me. This course supplied exactly that. Bending, collection, turns on the flat, keeping bars's all here.

Kathy Smith

Great for the starting dog and great toolbox training.

Kelly Ross

Makes it manageable

Tackling jumping and this program with a thick book seems daunting, but these courses break things into manageable parts. The step by step process with videos, instructions and references to the book make the process much easier. Can't wait to walk thru it again with my next pup!

Deb Abbott


A comprehensive course that’s been good for me and my dog!

Elsie Pfleider


I continue to be amazed and awed by the beautiful simplicity and elegance of this material. I use it will all of my own dogs and also teach it to any and all students who come my way. I am SURE my version is very poorly constructed compared to what Daisy or Linda would teach lol BUT the big ideas and wonderful details continue to inform me, my students and best of ALL to help my dogs understand what I want them to do. Think of this course as a translation dictionary for you and your dog - a fantastic communication with clarity :)


Super explanations

Great course, Daisy is really good at explaining and showing the concepts. I will definitely be signing up for level 2.

Annie Sail

Why Should You Sign Up?

TRUE COST AND FUTURE INVESTMENT: If you add up the cost of all of the agility runs you have already had, where the error was due to a lack of foundation, or improper foundation, you've ALREADY spent more money than you will be spending on this course.


How many agility runs have you had where you didn't qualify because your dog didn't follow your cues? Because your dog turned wide? Because your dog miscalculated how to take a jump? 

These costs add up, and for the cost of less than a couple of weekends of trialling, you are saving yourself heaps on FUTURE runs where these errors will be far less likely to occur as a result of mastering the content in this course.

Ready Made For Independent Learners
AND Instructors!

If you're an instructor, this is invaluable content for you. You're looking for a way to teach GREAT foundation, while still fulfilling your novice students' need for speed, and their need to "get on equipment and start sequencing" right away. THIS is what you need. THIS course. You don't  have to compromise any more between teaching GREAT foundation and keeping students interested.

What Will You Need?

What Will You Learn?

Take a look at the syllabus for each of these two courses! 

Completion of Level 1 is required prior to taking Level 2. 

Level 2 will begin approximately six weeks after the start of Level 1.

Foundation Flatwork For Agility - Level 1

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Foundation Flatwork For Agility - Level 2

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Beginning in December 2019, this course will be part of The Agility Challenge!


I have used this program with all of my agility dogs, and the results are...well...amazing! If you want a dog that knows how to jump, loves jumping, works to keep the bars up, and is responsive on course, this course is for you!

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