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Helping students all over the world  excel in the sport of dog agility.

What is The Online Classroom?

The courses you take at The Online Classroom will improve you and your dog’s agility skills in a variety of ways. From foundation flatwork and handling classes, to conditioning classes for both the canine and human part of the team, to mental training classes and running contacts, The Online Classroom has been helping students from all over the world excel in the sport of dog agility.

Global Community

Join a global community of like-minded students and learn to your full potential

Self-Study Library

Years worth of handling exercises are available for self study, as well as courses on rear crosses, blind crosses, and more!

Learn From Anywhere

Power up your agility training, regardless of where in the world you’re located! Bring the best agility instruction right to your fingertips!

Courses We Offer

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Training In Ten Minutes, Episode #9 – Tricks For Agility

If you’re one of those people who, while at work all day, dreams about what you will do with your dogs when you get home, only to find that the time you had slips away from you between chores, children, spouses, and the other little necessities of life, then you’re not alone! In this series of articles, following the Bob Bailey motto of “Think, Plan, Do”, I’ll out [...]

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Training In Ten Minutes, Episode #8 – Collection

In this episode of the 10-Minute Trainer, we’re going to work on collection cues. Collection cues are different than turning cues; most of the time, turning cues are sufficient to let your dog know where to go next on a course. However, there are some times when you need to more specifically cue your dog to collect, or slow down. Some of the cue combinations you do with y [...]

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Training In Ten Minutes, Episode #7 – Fun with weave poles

In this episode of the 10-Minute Trainer, we’re going to have some fun with weave poles. I’m going to assume that your dog already knows how to weave, and that, in your 10-minutes today, you’d like to spend some time working on weave poles in a way that’s quick, fun, and productive! So, here are a couple of weaving games you can play, alone, or with a training partn [...]

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