Tugging in public, chilling ringside, and touching stuff with feet

This past weekend Chispa came with me to a local-ish USDAA show that was outside on grass. Aaah, outside on grass. So nice. Nice to watch, nice to work, nice to hang out and get some sunshine.

It seemed only natural for Chispa to hang out ringside, quietly, not showing too much interest in the goings on inside the ring. Well, when she was on her own. When Frodo was with us, barking at the dog running, Chispa got excited, and then started tugging on Frodo’s leash wildly. So, a bit of mayhem there, but otherwise, she was a very good girl.

And, speaking of tugging, she was perfectly comfortable tugging ringside, or in the middle of the two rings, with people around, and that’s not nothing. Several of my dogs took a long time to be comfortable tugging in public, around agility, so I’m careful to not try to push it on a dog. Sometimes they just don’t feel safe focusing so much on the tugging that they can’t keep an eye on their surroundings. Sometimes they don’t feel confident to give in to the wild abandon of tugging. And, that’s fine. Often, they come around to it later, as they gain confidence and are more and more aroused by the agility IN the ring. I’m ok with that. But, I will say I was pretty darned happy that Chispa wanted to tug “in public”. It was sort of an “of course she would” sort of thing, but definitely NOT something I would take for granted.

OH, and in other news, CHISPA LOST HER LAST BABY TOOTH! Hurrah! I was prepared to call the vet this morning and make an appointment to have the last one pulled, because it looked like it was still firmly in there, but…pop! Done. Wahoo!

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