The baby nose bop and a cardboard box 

 June 2, 2016

By  Daisy Peel

Not much formal training happened yesterday for Chispa, BUT, she did get to go to the vet. Hooray! Ok, not really. Tuesday evening, while playing, she smacked her head into the floor and broke one of her baby canines clear up to the gumline. Half of it remained, even more of a needle than before. And MAN, I had no idea how much pulp is in those baby teeth. Gross. She yelped and then carried on as usual, chomping everything in her path.

Feet, pant legs, toys, she’s a chomper. Not in a way that worries me, it’s just VERY active puppy stuff. But jeez, she catches her teeth on things on ACCIDENT just running around the house (see video above, she does that whilst running across the carpets).

And so, Wednesday morning, it was inevitable that she would grab for my pant leg and remove what was left of the tooth. After a call to the vet, it was decided to take her in for an extraction. At 9 weeks and 8.5lbs, anesthetizing her for even a short while was not a pleasant idea. But, infection and possible damage to the adult tooth-to-be wasn’t a great thought either. Also, the idea of her going so long without food was not great; she’s incredibly active and can only eat so much at a time, and so missing meals concerns me. She’s probably the thinnest puppy I’ve ever owned. I’m sure this is a regular concern for those owners of small breed dogs and puppies, and certainly keeping weight on an active adult border collie can be problematic. But that tiny stomach requires a steady stream rather than large meals. Hm, probably I could feed myself that way and benefit…

On the plus side, while Chispa was at the vet all day, I got a LOT of work done, getting this blog ready for launch (and today is the day!). All of the puppy group that is joining me are nestled in the forums, along with pictures of their puppies and some video. When I asked people with puppies to join me, I did NOT want any other border collies – it’s no fun if all the puppies are the same breed! So, we’ve got the following breeds of puppy in our group:

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Miniature Aussie
  • Sheltie
  • Papillon
  • Whippet
  • Miniature Poodle (I hope I got that right and it’s not a toy, but it’s a LITTLE one!)
  • Pyrenean Shepherd
  • Terrier Mix

And a couple more to join when their puppies actually land in their arms in a few weeks. So, today is the first day that not all of the content in each post will be publicly available. If you’re not a paid subscriber, you won’t be able to see the video and handouts of just what I’m working on, and you won’t be able to join in the discussion in the forum I’ve set up just for subscribers of this blog series. AND, warning…sales pitch…just for TODAY it’s $9.95/month to subscribe. Tomorrow that price will go up by $5, and that will happen each and every day, til the price hits a ceiling of $35/month to subscribe. Of course you can cancel at any time, no worries there, and you can rejoin at any time, BUT, in order to see premium content in the order it’s provided, you will need to stick with it from the start. If you join six months from now, you’ll still have to start from the beginning with respect to premium content 🙂

So what’s on the docket for today?

Well, as the title of this post indicates, it’s a bit on baby nose bops and cardboard boxes. Simple stuff, right? A hand touch, and some exploration with a cardboard box or two. Might as well do SOMEthing with that stack of boxes from Amazon…both of these behaviors rely a bit on the element of novelty or surprise to get the puppy’s attention and then reward them for focusing in on either the hand or the box. They’re not related other than that, really, and that they’re both easy and cheap behaviors, fun to work on, and age appropriate. So without further ado, here are the handouts and the videos (and yes, I’m in my jammies, one of the perks of working from home). Oh, and here’s a brief snippet of how most of the training sessions tend to go. Thanks, Tucker, for providing distraction early on.

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Daisy Peel

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Daisy Peel

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