Puppy Shenanigans and Sleepovers 

 July 19, 2016

By  Daisy Peel

Things are getting busy around here at Clear Mind Agility. I’m trying to keep life separated from puppy training, but really, that’s a ridiculous and artificial division. Chispa didn’t do much but grow this past weekend, while I:

  • Attended a sailboat race that my 89-year old grandfather raced in (and no, not RC sailboats, REAL sailboats, as in, he was ON a tiny Lido 14 that I wouldn’t even dare get on even as a passenger).
  • Went to a concert (M. Ward, amazing, so romantic, such a great songwriter and performer).
  • Scored a day at the local USDAA trial.
  • Went for a 10-mile hike.
  • Shopped around for banks to refinance the property

Actually, the hike happened first, and made walking a little difficult the next day. But it was amazing. Oregon is amazing.

So, Chispa got to go to an agility trial and hang out, which is not very exciting for a puppy, really. But, as usual, she was a trooper, happy with everybody, and willing to do just about whatever.

And now, the week is nearly half over, and Friday, Chispa gets to go on her first little hike, AND she goes on her first sleepover; a friend will be watching her for me while Frodo and I head to France for the European Open.

Sleepovers are great for puppies. It’s great for them to expand their environment, to see that other houses are fun, that other people have treats, and are generally cool to be around. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it from Chispa when I get back from France. Well, OK, not really, but it’s kind of fun to get a puppy back after a sleepover and have some “easter eggs” – tricks that the caretaker started and didn’t tell me about 🙂

So, eek, tomorrow is Wednesday and the week is half over! There won’t really be much of anything NEW this week, although there are TWO items in the chute to post before my flight leaves Friday. For now, I’ll leave you with this video – an example of what goes on in the house on a fairly regular basis. Remember how I said I don’t like running in the house? It doesn’t go on for LONG, mind you, but it DOES happen…

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