Keeping it Novice 

 September 13, 2017

By  Daisy Peel

I’m a little bewildered at all of the people I see doing crazy 1000x wrap sequences with their young/Novice dogs, when I’m just working on pinwheels with Chispa. When I’m not feeling confident, I wonder that I’m behind, that I should be doing all that crazy spinning wrapping stuff with my 18 month old puppy (yes, still a puppy). But, that lasts about a nanosecond – there’s really no need to do that with her when she still barely has the forward focus to get through a Novice AKC course. It’s not like our learning as a team is going to stop and I need to cram that info in NOW OR NEVER. Crawl, then walk, then trot, then run. We’ll get where we get, as my skill and her ability allow for.

So, with that in mind, here are some sequences we’ve been working on at home recently (you’ll need to be logged in and a subscriber to view, because these sequences are part of the 2017 Agility Challenge September Handling Challenge).

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Daisy Peel

Daisy has been on the forefront of the trend of online agility education, and her Online Classroom is one of the leading sources for those seeking to improve the quality of their participation in the sport from afar. Her instruction, whether online or in person, is widely sought after as some of the best instruction available for those at any level, with any type of dog.

Daisy Peel

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