Grown up girl photos 

 February 19, 2017

By  Daisy Peel

She’s not quite a grown up girl yet, but Chispa is certainly having more moments where she LOOKS the part…

Not much to comment on with respect to training at the moment; Chispa’s training has taken a bit of a back burner to Frodo’s, what with our upcoming trip to Germany and the UK. I’ve started her 2×2 training, but probably won’t start in earnest til I get back from Crufts, the week of March 13th. Her running contact training continues, and we continue to work on recalls on the flat, as well as wrapping a cone. I’ve also been doing one jump work with her, andIf you're not seeing anything more in this post, it's because you're either not a premium subscriber, or you are, but you aren't logged in, OR, you haven't been a subscriber LONG enough to see this content quite yet. Become a premium member to get access to handouts, videos, and a discussion forum for this blog series!

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Daisy Peel

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Daisy Peel

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