Circling a cone 

 August 23, 2016

By  Daisy Peel

Monday I got home after being away for Agility World Championships Team USA Team Practice, and the first thing I had to do was squeeze Chispa. She’s so cute!! Of course she had other ideas, and wanted to play tug. With her bloody tug toys. As in, literally bloody, because she’s been popping out teeth like a popcorn popper while I’ve been gone, and it hasn’t slowed down her desire to tug at all. In fact, when she’s got a tooth hanging, her favorite thing to do is to come to one of us for help. She will come running up, grab on to a hand if it’s available, gnaw wildly on said hand until the tooth is out, and then look at the owner of said hand with a thankful look, and go on her way cheerfully.

Chispa 5.5 months old
Chispa 5.5 months old

After some play in the house, she came out to the agility arena to coursebuild with me for the week’s classes and lessons (and my own training with Frodo). Such a good little girl, heeling loosely along for an occasional cookie, and we did a few puppy tunnels too. And then, when I was finished, we hung out in the sun for a little while so I could take some proper photos.

Last week, I picked up a behavior with Chispa that I had actually done a little bit of training on a few weeks ago, but in more earnest. Some of you will have seen the handout before, but it is ALWAYS good to review material, and it can also be good to consider looking at the SAME behavior taught differently by different trainers to different dogs. In this way, we can see for ourselves the things that all methods have in COMMON, and we can also see the small details that different trainers employ that are unique, and then decide for ourselves just how to best use the information we have for OUR puppies!

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Daisy Peel

Daisy has been on the forefront of the trend of online agility education, and her Online Classroom is one of the leading sources for those seeking to improve the quality of their participation in the sport from afar. Her instruction, whether online or in person, is widely sought after as some of the best instruction available for those at any level, with any type of dog.

Daisy Peel

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