Chispa goes to the parade

Last weekend was the Portland Pride Parade. I wouldn’t have known about it but a good friend let me know, and, given the recent events in Orlando, and that I have a puppy who needs to see the sights and sounds, the parade was a no brainer.

As usual, Chispa was amazing. This is an amazing puppy, gah, I’m so smitten. She is also a coppertop, energizer bunny. This week, I’m in Fairbanks, Alaska, teaching a three day seminar (with a great group of people!), and I brought her with me, mostly just to get some travel experience, be with me, and not burden G. back at home with her care (or shenanigans). There are some other puppies at the seminar, and Chispa, well, she is BOSSY. No surprise there. But she is also sweet with everybody, and brave, and non-stop. And she is a GREAT traveler. This is almost certainly her last Sherpa bag venture; she’s got that dense feeling, the feeling puppies get right before they sprout UP.

Anyway, coppertop. She wandered around loose while participants walked the courses, took herself off to the edges of the arena when she needed to poop, and ran laps nearly endlessly when she was loose. I’ve never seen a puppy with so much go. She kept going well beyond what her stamina should have dictated, and as I write this, she’s in a dark room in a crate so she will SLEEP for a while. Because, surely, she needs to sleep, right? Hopefully I won’t regret naptime before MY bedtime…

No premium content today…a bit more tomorrow, when I’m at the Anchorage airport waiting for my connection back to Portland, where I’ll be heading straight up to team practice in WA with Frodito!

Chispa, Fairbanks, 2016

Chispa, Fairbanks, 2016

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