The Perfectly Imperfect Puppy Blog

Join Daisy and her puppy Chispa as they start their journey together, from puppyhood to competition agility partner. Explore training options that Daisy presents that can be used to enhance your own training with your puppy or new canine partner!

Why "Perfectly Imperfect?"

Whenever we get a new puppy or dog, it's natural to worry that we're not doing it right. That we're going to "mess up". That we will fail. That we will miss out on THE bit of information that will make or break the whole endeavor. Part training blog, part philosophy, part support group, step aside from the worry and the fear, be brave, ENJOY the process, and oh yes...grow a puppy that you can be proud of and OWN your story together.

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Age appropriate sequencing

I’m shamelessly pleased with our pinwheels, and ecstatic with our contacts. It’s a moment in time, a rung on the ladder, a step on the journey, and we’re not settling in to or hunkering down to stay in this moment – we’re moving on the moment we’ve mastered a thing, but it sure feels good to have mastered that thing as a step toward other things.

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Keeping it Novice

Some recent sequences Chispa and I have worked through together. Baby dog style. No need for fancy stuff yet. Crawl, then walk, then trot, then run. First things first.

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Trash Panda Update

She’s so special to me that I don’t even want to share her anymore in a blog post, as though sharing my experiences with her will somehow diminish how much of Chispa I have for myself.

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Chispa update – a year!

We are now in training for weave poles, contacts, jumps, and handling. It’s a full plate, to be sure, and so I have been doing a lot of station training. Chispa is pretty smart, and PLAY is the name of the game for her. If it’s not PLAY, she’s not interested…

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What’s up with Chispa?

Running contacts, that’s what. And recalls. Chispa’s dogwalk is coming along nicely (video below, if you’re a subscriber). At this point, it’s just a bit of training daily when possible, every other day when not. We’re also working on her…

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