Winter Workouts


Taught by Bobbie Lyons, CCFT, FP-MTI, Cert CF

Everyone is a participant in this is a 4 week class designed to show you exercises that can be trained using the following FitPAWS equipment.

What do you need: 

  • TWO K9Fitbones
  • ONE donut
  • ONE donut holder, and
  • ONE set of paw pods


This class will benefit continuing students as well as beginner students.   Beginner to advanced exercises will be presented.   Each week you will get 2 complete exercise plans – 10 total exercises that you can pick from depending on your dogs level of fitness.

Equipment substitution will be recommended to those that do not have every piece or if you are waiting for an order to come in.   Once you are registered a coupon code for 10% within the USA will be provided for your use at

What is being covered:

  1. Exercise using one or pairing more than one of the FitPAWS pieces above
  2. Each exercise will be demonstrate in the proper position or posture
  3. Reps and Sets will be recommended
  4. Discussion Forum available
  5. Training tips and methods will be discussed
  6. Benefits of each exercise will be listed and discussed
  7. Equipment set up will be demonstrated and discussed


EVERYONE is a participant.   Discussion forum is open to EVERYONE. There is no video homework. Discussion will be encouraged each week and valued information will be provided in the discussion forum.

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Cavaletti – Ground Poles –  will focus on teaching exercise that improve gait, body awareness and strength.  Equipment needed 6 poles.  4 wk course – everyone is a participant – no homework  – discussion and coaching calls available to everyone.

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