Winning Warm Ups With Kimberly Chase

Winning Warm Ups for the HUMAN part of the team! Why, What, When, Where, and HOW to do it right, every time!

Winning Warm Ups for the HUMAN part of the team!
Why, What, When, Where, and HOW to do it right, every time!

Every single agility run CAN be better with the proper warm up! Regardless of handler height or age, exercise or handling experience, medical or injury history, an effective warm up will help reduce YOUR risk of injury, and soreness, AND improve your performance during each run.

WHY take this course? Perhaps you do a few stretches before running now. Are they the best choices?

What if you knew that with just several minutes prior to agility runs (whether at seminars, trials, or during weekly practices) you and your dog could be a more mentally and physically cohesive team right off the start line? What if in those several minutes you and your dog could reduce risk of injury and even prevent soreness after running? This course will cover the details of a comprehensive warm up for the HUMAN part of the team (although your dog can be included!).

How Long Is This Course?

In this comprehensive 4 week course Kimberly will show you a PROVEN effective 4 phase warm up. She will go over what type of warming up can enhance performance, reduce risk of injury and reduce tissue soreness. Together with Kimberly, go over the whys, hows and when to warm up whether at a weekend event or training for 15 minutes in your own backyard!

Will I Get Feedback?

YES! You'll get access to a discussion forum where you can talk to Kimberly about your homework. You'll get to ask questions, and, for an additional fee, you can get VIDEO feedback of your warm up routine.

Will I have to submit Video?

Maybe. For this class, EVERYBODY is a participant. Video submission is optional, and sometimes Kimberly may ask for people to post short clips as demonstrations of common problems. Focus on developing and USING a great warm up routine with Kimberly's help, rather than on getting video of your homework!

When can I start?

Class is currently in session and will start again later this year!

How much is this course?

Four weeks of lessons, feedback, and Q & A sessions with Kimberly Chase, all for just $89!