Snooker 101

Snooker 101 Self-Study – Taught by Lori Michaels!

Does snooker leave you feeling confused? Overwhelmed? Looking for a place to find out not only how to learn the

Lori Michaels and Solei. Photo by Lynn Brubaker

Lori Michaels and Solei. Photo by Lynn Brubaker

strategy of the game, but also the handling skills you and your dog will need to excel? This new course, taught by multiple time World Agility Open USA Team Member and WAO Games gold medallist Lori Michaels, is the class you need to walk in to your next snooker briefing and walkthrough with the confidence that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to play the game! People will be asking you how to play the game after taking this class!

Pool-cue256This four week self-study course will cover the following topics:

  • The rules of the game
  • The strategy of the game
  • Why snooker can be so darned confusing – and how to get rid of that confusion!
  • The skills you and your dog need to comfortably play the game

Snooker is a game played in multiple agility organizations in the USA and abroad. Now you can be a master of the game!

What you'll need for this course

  • One Tunnel
  • Five jumps (preferably with wings)
  • A set of six weave poles


($79 for self-study)