International Challenges With Anna Hinze – Part Two


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In December 2015, Clear Mind Agility hosted an International Agility League. Every week we set up a different international course and had a fun and low-pressure competition. About 50 dog/handler teams came to play with us every week and we received a lot of positive feedback. In order to give not only local people, but everyone the opportunity to learn on these challenging courses, Anna decided to offer the courses as well as her analysis online! 

Get week 1 now for only $5.95!

What do you get?

Each module consists of a standard course with 2-4 “focus sessions”. Maps, demo and detailed analysis videos of each of the focus sessions as well as the full course are provided, depicting a variety of handling maneuvers as well as explanations when to use which cue combination. There is around an hour of video for each week for you to watch!

How often is material made available?

Although each module is called “Week 1”, “Week 2”, etc., you will receive much more than you can do in a single week! Because each module has so much information (around an hour of demo and analysis video!), it will take more than a week to digest everything presented. So, a new module will be available every other week, giving you two weeks to work through the current module before proceeding to the next.

How much space will you need?

Training in a small back yard with only a few pieces of equipment can be tough. For that reason Anna has broken these challenging courses down into very short sequences that can be set up in small spaces. Once you succeed on all the short sequences, maybe you can convince your instructor to set up the whole course in class!

Do you need a full set of equipment?

No! Each course is broken down into sequences that focus on important skills. Some of these sequences start or end with a contact, but if you don’t have that piece of equipment or the space to set it up, it can easily be replaced by a jump. Another option would be to put your dog in a sit stay where the contact would be. This also allows you to focus on your handling rather than on contact performance.

Why should you sign up?

Improve your skills on international style sequences from the comfort of your own back yard. Set up the focus sessions first and work on each particular skill on your own time with no peer pressure.

Once you feel comfortable handling the focus sessions, try chaining them together by setting up parts of the course or the full course.

INSTRUCTORS: If you are an instructor, save yourself the time to come up with a course for your students! Set up one of these courses and use the different focus sessions to work on a particular skill. Then challenge your students to try the full course. These courses will keep you busy for weeks!