More Great Training Courses

Weave Poles 101

Taught by Julie Delarue. Teach your dog to weave poles two by two in this class. No need to take up valuable time in classes working on weave poles, when you can get help in your back yard. Focus on the weave poles for a few weeks, work through the steps, and have your dog weaving in less than a month.


Snooker 101

Does snooker leave you feeling confused? Overwhelmed? Looking for a place to find out not only how to learn the strategy of the game, but also the handling skills you and your dog will need to excel? This is THE class you need to walk in to your next snooker briefing and walkthrough with the confidence that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to play the game! People will be asking you how to play the game after taking this class!


Blind Cross Skills and Drills

This course is all about Blind Crosses! From foundation to application on course, learn how to appropriately incorporate blind crosses in to your skill set. As with all things, balance is key.