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Snooker Rules Explained

This 22 minute video explains the rules of the agility game SNOOKER. Need to know the rules? This is the video for you! This video is part of Lori Michael's SNOOKER 101 course.

2012 Precision Handling Courses

ALL the 2012 Precision Handling class materials are FREE! PDF files, course maps, videos, and analysis, are available to all who sign up, for FREE. They’re oldies, but goodies, and now you can get them all here. If you like them, share this page with your friends so they can get access too! Click HERE

Make your own set of weave poles for training

This video will show you how to make your own set of 2x2 weave poles for training, which you'll need for Julie Delarue's WEAVE POLES 101 course. Quick, easy, and inexpensive, that's the DIY way! Save your money for something more important, treats!

Training In Ten Minutes

A series of articles originally written for Clean Run, on a variety of topics - check them out!.

How to get great feedback as a participant

Listen to this 26 minute podcast to learn how to get great feedback as a participant in any online course!

Build your own measuring wicket - it's easy!

Get your dog comfortable with the measuring process BEFORE your next competition! We built this wicket for use at our UKI shows at Clear Mind Agility in Oregon.