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Tunnel Fun

Taught By Anna Hinze

Module 1 Pre Course Homework

This module shows you some homework you can do before the course starts.

Unit 1 Course Preview
Unit 2 Voluntary Restrain
Unit 3 Race to Reward
Unit 4 Restrain to Reward
Unit 5 Send to Reward
Module 2 Tunnel

This module is about your tunnel cue.

Unit 1 Introduction to Tunnel
Unit 2 Race through Tunnel
Unit 3 Restrain to Tunnel
Unit 4 Send to Tunnel
Unit 5 Add Distance
Unit 6 Curve It
Unit 7 Find the Entry
Unit 8 Rear Cross on Tunnel
Unit 9 Sequencing Tunnels
Module 3 Tunnel Turn - Zu

This module teaches you all about tight turns out of tunnels.

Unit 1 First Turns
Unit 2 Race to Turn
Unit 3 Fade the Reward
Unit 4 Tunnel Turns in Sequence

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