What’s Your Angle?

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Sandy Mullis

hi Anna Here is my “whats your angle” video. I went ahead and did this even though you haven’t reviewed my “are you paying attention” video yet. I submitted it 2 or 3 days ago and wanted to move on. As you can see at about 16 seconds in I asked for a right with an extreme angle. He did go right but was confused about which wing I was asking for. After 3 attempts at that angle I made it easier for him. In this particular training session that seemed to be the only thing that he didn’t understand.… Read more ยป

Sandy Mullis

Yes this does make sense to me. I’ll give it a try. Thanks

Catherine Jordan
Catherine Jordan

We focused on harder turns this time.

Catherine Jordan

Working the harder angles again the next day. After doing 2 reps in 1 direction, he sometimes has difficulty going in the other direction, especially on these tougher approaches. But I feel he’s progressing nicely and his understanding is improving with more practice!

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