Adding Handler Motion 

 September 2, 2018

By  Anna Hinze

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Anna Hinze

Anna Hinze lives in Germany. She has been competing with her border collie, May, for the past several years, winning and placing at competitions in what is arguably the most competitive agility country in the world. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Science and Technology, and teaches agility classes, seminars, and workshops in Germany and abroad. She has been on the German World Agility Open Team for the past several years, and is a WAO Biathlon Medalist as well as a 4x Individual Medalist at the WAO. Her training is fun and precise!

Daisy Peel

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Sandy Mullis

Question – In your second example in the video – How then do you cue the dog when you do want a rear cross? Is it primarily on verbal directionals and not on body language? With this lateral motion toward my dog I would expect him to think I was going to rear cross. Or am I not understanding this correctly?

Catherine Jordan

We started out slowly and I’ll add more speed gradually. He had difficulty with the left turns so we’ll try that another day.

Catherine Jordan

I tried this exercise again. I probably used my hands more than I should have. This has been a challenging exercise for Dodger, who just turned a year old.

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