Thoughts On Speed And Drive

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Janie Peirce


Oops! I didn’t think about having Zoë come towards me. I didn’t know how to proof her coming towards me without giving her a clue by where I was standing. She seemed confused at first when I wasn’t beside her & I didn’t know where I should be to treat her so I decided to set up a box so I could proof if she was really understanding. Here’s the video.
Merry Christmas!

Julia DeWitt

Hi Anna, I’ve been using Belle (1 year old) as my participant dog but also working through the content with Locke (3 year old). I’ve moved ahead as Locke is ready. Would it be okay to switch participant dogs so I can work through the advanced content with video feedback? I’ll continue working Belle at the level she’s at. Also, when does the online class conclude?
Thank you!

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