Switching To A Toy 

 August 31, 2018

By  Anna Hinze

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Anna Hinze

Anna Hinze lives in Germany. She has been competing with her border collie, May, for the past several years, winning and placing at competitions in what is arguably the most competitive agility country in the world. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Science and Technology, and teaches agility classes, seminars, and workshops in Germany and abroad. She has been on the German World Agility Open Team for the past several years, and is a WAO Biathlon Medalist as well as a 4x Individual Medalist at the WAO. Her training is fun and precise!

Daisy Peel

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Janie Peirce


Anna, here’s our video for switching to a toy. A couple of times she went to the jump to turn so maybe she’s a bit confused?

Sandy Mullis

Here is my L&R with a toy video. This training session lasted about 10 minutes. I would have cut it off sooner but he was making pretty good progress so I proceeded. As you can see as soon as I had a toy in view he sort of fell apart. He has never barked in any of these training sessions before. When I moved to a toy on the ground he was still a bit agitated by it, but quickly calmed down and was working silently for me again. That’s my analysis I’m looking forward to yours

Sandy Mullis

my video didn’t show up so I’ll try again now

Sandy Mullis

I also was pleased with his progress in just one session! I was aware that he cut behind me and wasn’t pleased. I made sure he didn’t do that again! I will try the toy in front instead The older he gets – the more obsessed with toys he’s becoming!

Elise Strauss

Here is our video; he loses interest in toys rather quickly, so I used the Manners Minder instead. Was this OK?

Elise Strauss

OK! Thank you Anna! πŸ™‚

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