Distance And Speed

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Sandy Mullis

Here is my Distance and speed video. This one was a bit of a challenge for us. We have practiced it quite a lot. I do like this exercise though. One reason that I do like it is that Kit is learning to think while working which can sometimes can be an issue with him because he just wants to do everything very fast and not necessary think about it! In this training session we did 14 total attempts. I did not show you every attempt in the video. He got it wrong 4 times and I have shown you… Read more »

Sandy Mullis

Thanks – I may think of other questions – but these were the ones that were bothering me. I was concerned about using them off of contacts for the very reason you mentioned. It’s so nice to see such commitment already in a 10 month old pup using this method!

Catherine Jordan

We worked on this exercise a few times and this was our best session!

Catherine Jordan

Hi Anna, I read a comment you made on someone else’s post that you use one set of verbal cues for jumps and other verbal cues for other obstacles. How many turning verbal cues do you use? If my dog is at the bottom of the dogwalk and has to turn left into a tunnel which is directly next to the dogwalk, is it ok to use the same word to mean turn away and take the tunnel? For example, can I use the word “turn” to mean turn away from me to take the tunnel on the left as… Read more »

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