Transferring To Wings 


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I’m a little confused. I know we’re learning “left” and “right”, but I hear you saying “twist” when the dog turns to the right (I can’t hear the command to turn left). Why not say “right” and “left”? I’m hearing some folks say now to use “3” and “9” so the dog will know which way to turn, in addition to using “right” or “left” — or whatever words someone chooses to use. Am I making sense?


I would of liked something I could print off as my memory is poor. Just bullet points like
send dog through cones do not use hands
transfer to other objects
use wings close together
Ive made my own notes, but just a synopsis that was printable would of been helpful

Sandy Mullis

Here is my transferring to wings video. see what you think.. I hope it isn’t too long!

Sandy Mullis

Thanks for the feedback. We worked pretty hard at this because I realized that I had been giving him subtle physical cues without me realizing it from watching videos. He got a bit confused when I stopped that – but seems to be doing better with it now. I was wondering about the figure 8. He has actually done it, but didn’t during this session. Didn’t think about the wide turn though. Will stop doing that!! Onward!

Janie Peirce

Anna, here’s our video circling wings. Zoë seems to understand this better than the spins.

Janie Peirce

Anna, as an explanation as to why I was using “go”: Zoë was already going left & right over a jump when we started the class, but I wanted to make sure she had all the fundamentals before we went on. When we transferred to objects, and then wings, she was confused & would just spin left and right in place instead of going around the object so I used “go” to indicate she needed to go ahead. Before the class when she was jumping over a jump, I used “jump 1” (or “jump 2”). When we start jumping a… Read more »

Julia DeWitt

It’s fun to see Belle thinking and this skill progress. Below is a snapshot of this evening’s practice session. 🙂

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