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Hi, My name is Zoe, and I’m taking this course with my 21 month old golden retriever, Krewe. I can’t find the forum/discussion, so I figured I’d post here and see if it magically appears 🙂

Julie ABender

Hello, Dottie and I are from Idaho. One of our winter goals was to teach this very thing, so perfect timing. Looking forward to class!

Janie Peirce

Hi, Anna, I’m taking this course with my 2-year old Belgian Malinois, Zoë. I started working on this a little on my own because my instructor here was encouraging us to work on this skill. I’m looking forward to this class because I want to make sure I’m doing it correctly.


GREAT name for your Mal 😉

Sandy Mullis

Hi I am Sandy and will be taking this course with my 7 month old Border Collie, Kit. Looking forward to the course!


I’m here as the winner of the contest for the participant spot and I’m super excited to be here!!! I’m Lori and my pup’s name is Doby. He is a 10 month old Aussie.


Hi, my name is Lori and I’m taking this course with my 10 month old black Lab Mulder. He’s been doing foundation training with Daisy and this course sounds like a great addition to what we are doing.


Go Mulder!!!

Julia DeWitt

Hi Anna!
I’m so excited to begin training left and right verbals with Belle my 12 month old border collie. 🙂

Heidi Vania

Hi Anna!
Looking forward to finding the missing links in how I communicate with Fiesta. 😉

Katherine Leggett

Hi Heidi! Derringer says hi to sister Fiesta!

Katherine Leggett

Hi, my name is Kathie Leggett and I’ll be taking this course with my three year old pocket rocket Sheltie named Derringer! She truly is a little pistol and I need to give her better information about turns when I”m nowhere close (which is most of the time). Will also be teaching this training on my 7 month old Sheltie, Taser.

Derr 2 year old head shot.jpg

Hi I am Diane, I am taking the course with my 3 year old Manchester Terrier Petey. He is much faster than I am, so I hope this will help us build some distance skills. I also hope I can remember my left from my right.


Hello! I was brave and registered for a working spot. I would like to teach this material to my 4-year-old master’s level dog, and my puppy (about 4 months).


Hi – my name is Brenda and I will be training my 9 month old sheltie “Bravo”. Teaching rights and lefts has always been a mystery to me so looking forward to learning.

Dina Zinnes

Hi there! My name is Dina and I am working with Johnny a 5 yo Keeshond. I definitely need verbals as Johnny is exceptionally fast and due to age, surgeries and a stroke I am still not able to run. I have a few working verbals — back, out, and go — but need left and right, so this should be perfect!


hello!! I am Libbi, From Oregon. Enrolling with my 2 yr aussie Flute. 🙂 I also hope to apply to my 7 yr Aussie as well. Looking forward to the information!


Howdy! Annette here. Flute is not YET 2yrs old. Just saying. xoxoxo


Hi Annette!!! So glad to see you here!! and yes…you are right… Flute is technically 2 on December 28….:) Are you playing with Miss Lita?? Who also will be 2 on Dec 28… xoxo..back at ya!!

Angela Kent

Hi! I’m Angela from Illinois. I’ll be taking this class with my 3-year old BC Tally. She’s super fast and developing great independence when running courses. I’d like to get better at getting her information faster and more clearly. I use verbal directionals in canicross, but I don’t know if those are solid enough to translate to agility (and there’s absolutely no consequence in canicross if we miscommunicate about direction).
I train with Dina and her dog Johnny (also here).

Julia Lane

Hi, my name is Julia & I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I’m excited to take this course with my 9-month-old BC, Latte. The only verbals I have with my 7-year-old BC, Magnum P.I., are obstacles names, release cue, etc. So I hope to be able to teach these directionals to him, too.

Sylvie Fefer

Hi my name is Sylvie from Vancouver, BC, and I will be taking the course with my 2 1/2 year old Border Collie Lulu. We have done a bit of left and right training on our own and I would say that to date she perceives directionals as a cue to turn away from me. So for example if she is coming down the DW on my left and the tunnel is on the other side of the DW I can say “left tunnel” and she will turn away from me to take the tunnel. In fact she can effectively… Read more »

Sylvie Fefer

I was a little reluctant at first to change my left and right commands to only pertain to jumps (because I can’t keep track of a million verbals while I am under pressure running a course in competition) but I’ve come up with a solution. The reality is right now Lulu perceives directionals as a flip away from me. So if I change my verbal for any turn away from me to other obstacles to “flip” regardless of the actual direction she is turning, then I think that will be an easy transition. I used to have a “flip” command… Read more »

Sylvie Fefer

Thanks for the clarifications!! Do you use a jump cue for when you want the dog to go straight and there is no turning involved — let’s say a row of jumps and you are falling behind because your dog is fast?


Hi Anna, I am taking this course with my 4 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Henrik. I am very excited about this course!

Julie Rigby

Another student from Illinois! I just have a spectating spot but I already see three friends who might be uploading videos so I’m especially excited to follow along. I’ll be focusing on training my 1 y.o. BC (Em Dash) and my almost 4 y.o. Aussie (Ticker) since they are my main agility dogs these days.

Carole Bewley

Hi Anna, at what age would you start the left/right foundation training with a puppy, providing your only working on discrimination/verbal and not tight/repetitive turns? Thanks

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