The 4 Scenarios

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Sandy Mullis

Hi Anna – Here is our video for this lesson. Cold here this morning so filming indoors 😎 it’s 5 degrees here!

Sandy Mullis

I noticed that he had more difficulty when on my right. That was when I was rewarding with my opposite hand. I’ll correct the way I was rewarding and perhaps that will help. Thanks for catching that. The value of videos ?

Sylvie Fefer

I thought Lulu had made pretty good progress on left and right when she was facing me so I decided to move on to this lesson and try it with her beside me. Her understanding was definitely not as good. She was correct most of the time when the direction I was asking for involved turning away from me but needed more help when the direction was going toward me. In those cases, I tried to say the directional then help with my hand. Yes, she is a very barky dog. Especially when she is frustrated! So I didn’t include… Read more »

Sylvie Fefer

Thanks for your feedback. I wasn’t sure if I should be using the physical prompt at all when she was failing so now I just won’t use it. I also think that progressing from in front of me to the side of me without any intermediary steps was too hard for her. So I took your advice and since i had a little bit of free time, we just did a session where the change in her placement with respect to me was more incremental. I worked on both sides in this session. I wasn’t sure if I should concentrate… Read more »

Sylvie Fefer

Did another session today. First I started her facing me so she could have some success (not shown on video) then I placed her perpendicular to me and worked her on both side of me. So this was a progression from yesterday’s session where she was more at a 45 degree angle from me. She has more success on one side than the other. But still her success rate wasn’t bad considering we’ve only been doing this left and Right training for about a week. Of course I would like her success rate to be 100% 🙂 I’m curious about… Read more »

Sylvie Fefer

Here’s our latest session. I tried a session with food and that didn’t go well — I normally use food for shaping and she kept offering lots of different behaviors lol!! So I went back to using a tug toy for reward. Lulu is getting more consistent when she is perpendicular to me on both sides so I decided to try having her next to me. She had a lot of success when she was on my left but struggled a bit more then she was on my right. This is consistently her weaker side, but she is improving. Do… Read more »


Hi Anna, is there any video examples of the “end product”! Examples of how you use on course? Do you have separate words for turning off of contacts? Thank you!!!

Janie Peirce

http://youtu.be/KTZa7UcIDSM Hi, Anna, I have not posted any video because we don’t seem to be progressing. This is the left video & I think she’s doing ok. I’ll also post the right video & you’ll see, she seems to understand turning away from me, but turning towards me, she is really confused. I tried to move around so she would remain in the same relationship to me, but that didn’t seem to help. She was already jumping to the left and right over a jump before I started the class so I hope I haven’t completely confused her! Thanks for… Read more »

Julia DeWitt

We’ve been working on transitioning from Belle facing me to L & R turns at each side. It’s still a work in progress but I’m happy to see she’s getting it. Here’s some recent video. 🙂

Julia Lane

I was thrilled to see Latte think about what I cued and do it!

Catherine Jordan

It’s taking Dodger a long time to learn left and right. Although. I remember it took many, many sessions with my last dog too. I haven’t looked at the next assignment yet. Should I continue working on his left and right so that he really understands this or can I start the next assignment while continuing with this one?

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