Sends With Motion Added 


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This was interesting to me. With the sends from 15 or so feet back without handler motion (the last lesson), she was much wider when she circled the cone. Because I wasn’t up at the cone to control her head. But here we have as much speed if not more because we now have handler motion and because I am right there at the cone and for all practical purposes body blocking her from going wide, she does a lovely tight turn even though she has to move from extension to collection.


So I tried to do this a variety of ways. I don’t think in this session that I really saw a difference in the tightness of her circle related to how soon I left. Definitely a tighter circle if I go all the way up to the cone versus sending and staying back. Interesting to experiment and see the affect on the dog. So much to learn for both of us!


We love motion games!!

Patty O'Bleness

Here’s our send around the cone with Motion.

Patty O'Bleness

I thought I finished it.

Alisa Healy

YAY! Our final exercise! We both loved the second part where we get to run together. You can see her enthusiasm is higher when we are moving together. She is a sensitive dog who can shut down easily so I always like to take note of things that get her to light up:)

Alisa Healy

So I recall from your seminar that you said we should be ON our dog’s line when we can, so they are chasing us. In this case, am I not far enough ahead to do that?

Alisa Healy

Do you think I should redo these? When I looked at the diagrams I saw the person positioned pretty much in line with the cone so I put myself there too. But I can see your point about that sending the dog wide. I also posted a video in the “Sends Without Motion” unit if you could check that one out as well πŸ™‚

Sandy Mullis

daisy-peel Here is my circle the cone with motion video

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