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Introducing Motion To The Basic Turns

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Here we are practicing our 4 turns on the flat — pull, push, FC and RC. Lots of cookies! Thanks!


Here are my moving turns. Still feel weird about the push.

Also not to self to bring different treats for this, I had to just let him lick at the ones I brought out instead of giving it to him a bunch

Patty O'Bleness

We worked on adding motion to our turns. I may have to redo the push and pull as we did more of a circle than a turn.

Patty O'Bleness

@Daisy Peel
We worked some more on the Push and Pull. She acts like she’s never been fed! Biting my fingers and just won’t calm down. Truthfully, I have to move on because I’m losing my patience with her and motivation to finish the class even though I know how important it is.


I’ms trying to go on the next unit, but when I click on “complete” it comes up with “security check failed” …??

Alisa Healy

The pushes still feel weird and I feel like money are really wide, am i doing something wrong or is part of it that my dogs are big? Other than that, these were fun!

Sandy Mullis

@Daisy Peel Here are my basic turns on the flat. It looks like I may have gotten ahead and combined turns. I can redo this if needed!


Hi @Daisy Peel ! Here is our motion + turns video. I think I said it like 5 times already but PUSHES ARE AWKWARD 🙂 while I was editing the video, I noticed that my hand was too high, so I redid the video with it lower… but now I feel like I’m crouched!

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