90 Degree Turns

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Hello! Hope you had a great weekend! The weather here in Chicago is turning a bit cooler which is heavenly for outdoor training! Here we are practicing our 90 degree turns. See what you think. When you have moment, if you could also look at our “Recalls – Increasing difficulty” and our “Combining the Turns” that would be great. We’re working hard to have steady forward progress. Once daylight saving time ends and the cold sets in, outdoor training becomes much more difficult. 🙁


Thanks. Yes, I think you are caught up on my reviews at this point. I appreciate the reminder to keep going slowly. She will need good control of her body when we start going fast as she will likely have a very large stride. Control is good! She’s 24 1/2 inches and I can feel the growth plates in her ribs still so perhaps more growth to come still. She is a thoughtful dog though, and I think she’ll keep her head on course. 🙂


I think these were difficult to understand without a video..

Alisa Healy

Yes, a video would be really helpful, I cant seem to figure these out on my own.

Patty O'Bleness

I had same problem without video.

Sandy Mullis

Here is my 90 degree turn video. I’m not at all sure I’m doing the rear cross/ front cross as you wanted, so will appreciate your feedback. I’ve gone ahead and posted this before you’ve reviewed my previous video because I’m afraid time is running out for this course! Since we were 6 weeks behind because of Kit’s injury It’s seemed like catch up the whole time 😕

Sandy Mullis

Oh dear – I’ve posted twice – sorry bout that!

Sandy Mullis

daisy-peel Here is my 90 degree turns on the flat video. I’m not at all sure that I’m doing the front cross/rear cross correctly – especially the rear. So looking forward to your comments. I’ve gone ahead and posted this before you reviewed my last video because I’m afraid I’ll run out of time with this course. Since we basically missed the first 6 weeks because of Kit’s injury it’s felt like catch up the whole time!

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