The Push On The Flat

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Patty O'Bleness

We worked on the Push. It felt awkward.
I know you’re busy this weekend Daisy, so don’t worry about feedback. I will work on it some more.

@Daisy Peel


Not sure if this is right, maybe I’m rushing it a bit ?‍♀️


Oh boy, this is really ugly. Particularly with the dog on my right. Oh my. I feel like she’s moving into position by swinging her rear instead of bending? Plus she’s a long tall dog and I’m short so everything is more compressed, lol!


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m doing it wrong. I tried bigger steps, I tried smaller steps.

I tried to leave only the best reps in, but there was a LOT of him sitting and just bending his neck to the new position, or offering spin/twist instead. Help!!!


Ok, here’s our second attempt (first is above- not sure you saw it).


Ok, sorry, I didn’t know if you’d seen the video or were just commenting on my comments πŸ™‚ here’s yet another attempt. Unfortunately we did some pushes on the beach yesterday that morning that were not SO awkward, but did I think to video it, of course not… it did seem to be better when I was not luring so much, and just taking a step or two and rewarding. Yes, I know, I am going too fast in the beginning. I didn’t realize it at first; you’ll see me slow down. I felt like I had to be fast… Read more Β»


Here’s our second stab at push/pull. Again, sorry to break the rules and submit several videos on different topics. I’m going out of the country shortly, and I worry that if I wait until I come back and submit one at a time, we’ll never make it through this in time to start the second course. I do the push/pull together because that makes sense to me. Unlike the front/rear cross, I felt more comfortable with these, though I think for the push she’s doing pivoting into heel. Given her size, I’m not sure how much of concern that it.… Read more Β»

Alisa Healy

Oh boy, these were weird! At some points my body was actually pushing my dog out as I think they maybe have been too focused on the treats to notice my leg. Happy to do these again if needed. The ones in the video were after a few practice rounds. I filmed all of them and could see my darn hand was way in front of me again. But I managed to correct it moving forward and I think these look okay, at least in terms of hand placement.

Alisa Healy

The link would be helpful:

Alisa Healy

Yes, I did lose my balance haha! I found myself stepping on their toes and then trying to shift my weight off them without falling lol!#bigdogproblems I will practice taking better steps.

Sandy Mullis

Here is my push video. As everyone else has said it feels very awkward. I didn’t think I was getting much bending. So I tried having something for him to bend around. looking forward to what you think….

Sandy Mullis

@ Daisy Peel Hi Daisy I don’t want to be rude or pushy πŸ™ but I’m wondering if you’re not seeing these videos because I’m so far behind everyone else and they slip through the cracks? Anyway I hope it’s alright to go on ahead while I’m waiting on your response.

Sandy Mullis

I will continue to work on this. I’ll video (but not submit) so I can see if there’s any bending going on and try some different things. Thanks for your input.


Here is a video of Zipper and I doing a PUSH lesson.

Thank you

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