Heel Position

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Here is our heeling, right side is not as strong


He will heel much better on leash and with food, but trying to increase the fun in his training these days (he seemed to be getting flat) and use more toys and play

Patty O'Bleness

Obviously we are not very polished at heeling. ? Room for improvement!


Page 138 in the Before You Begin says the dogs should already be performing tunnels. Noni hasn’t done tunnels yet. At what point will we need them? And also from that page it looks like we’re working stationary heel positions on both sides, not heeling in motion?

Margo Fournier

Hi Daisy – I haven’t done any heeling work with Mooky yet. For some reason, he’s a bit better off my right than left. We have, however, done a lot of eye contact and focus, which I believe is one of the reasons why he likes to be ahead and forging a bit.

Margo Fournier

Hey Daisy – how do we edit a comment? I uploaded the wrong video. If you can, please delete my previous comment as well as this one & I will resubmit. Thanks – Margo


Hi – Here is Tillie –

Margo Fournier

I’ve not done any foundation work with Mooky, including heeling, so this is our very first attempt ever. πŸ™‚

Margo Fournier

Ah well – pretty sure you don’t want my water bill. Very happy how this project turned out. This video was taken right after the mowing. I will from now on, only reward BOTH dogs at my side. Mooky wants to herd, come to front, look at me directly instead of indirectly, so this will take a lot of practice and shaping. I threw a ball for him for about 20 minutes to take the edge off (LOL) not that it helped much. Thanks for figuring out a work around.


Hello, we have only worked on this a few times as I was out of town until this weekend. This is heavily lured as it is so new. She does equally on both sides but I only show one here as the video editing was more than I could handle before work today. πŸ™‚ Thanks! πŸ™‚


Hi Daisy, are you saying I am giving the treats too far forward? I understand the importance of position of reward and want to make sure I am doing right!


Heeling; Snow is mastering it quite well as long as they’re is no squirrel, cats or other animals. Dogs and humans, he’s OK with and won’t leave my side.


I’m back! Here is our heeling video. Left side is definitely weak (and crooked).


@Daisy Peel I just wanted to make sure you see this so I can move on πŸ™‚


Oops, I had the privacy settings set TOO tight, so it worked for me but nobody else πŸ™‚ fixed now.


@Daisy Peel I fixed it now πŸ™‚ looking forward to your feedback so I can mark this lesson as complete and move on!

Sandy Mullis

Hi Daisy

Here is Kit’s heel work. He is young and I’m pretty much luring him with treats at this point See what you think.


Here’s a heel positions video. We’ve been on a training hiatus for a few months and it shows. Trying to remember that we know how to line up on both sides is pretty high on our must-do list. But, here goes.


Hi Daisy, Is it OK to go ahead to the next videos?

Alisa Healy

Great! I hardly ever reward my dogs for being in front of me so there’s not much reinforcement history there. I reward often on walks for being in either side of me in a loose heel position so they are comfortable being by my side πŸ™‚


Not certain if I shared our heeling video link properly

Thank you ~ Jill & Zipper


I’ve updated the settings, you should have access tot he video now.


Thank you, Jill & Zipper

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