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I’ll be working on this course with Noni, my almost 9 month old girl Brittany. We’re looking forward to it!


Good morning, my name is Linda and I have a 4 1/2 yr old and a 7 month old Aussie. I’m fairly new to agility and want to give my puppy a good solid agility foundation. This is my first experience taking an online course and I’m excited to get started! I’m just a spectator.


I’m Stefanie and taking this course with my youngest dog, Rikki Tikki Tavi, a Border Terrier X Border Collie. I’ve read Linda’s book but it is just so much information to process so I am looking forward to having the help breaking it down and getting the feedback!


Hello, I am Carolyn and my BC Lotus is 2 years old. I’m excited to get these foundations down for her!

Linda Van Mierlo

My name is Linda and I will be working with my 14 month old Border Collie, Zipper. This is my first Border Collie, I have trained Shelties before. I bought Linda Mecklenburg’s
Book a couple months ago and look forward to a structured class.


Hi all,
I have a 6 mo BC pup named Juno, and wanted to get us off to a good start! The timing of this class is perfect, and I look forward to getting started!


Are we moving through the course at our own pace or are we following a schedule?


Hello! My name is Shelby and I’m taking this class with my 7.5 month old border collie puppy, Moss. Unfortunately the start of this class is not great timing for me – I leave tomorrow morning for an overnight relay in central Oregon (and my only dogless vacation!), and won’t be back until 8/7. I’ll do lots of catching up then!


Hi 😀
This is Alexandria and my 5 dogs from Australia.


Hi, I have had Linda’s book on my shelf since it first came out. Funny, my dogs haven’t read it, so we are taking the course so i show them how.


Hi, This is Carolyn. Glad to be here! Looking forward to the class.

Patty O'Bleness

I’m Patty and will be taking the class with my 4 month old Border Collie, Firefly. Looking forward to the fun of Flatwork and I Realize that there may be some work that my puppy is not old enough to do yet.

Jennifer Kolasa

Hi, I am auditing with my 6 month old puppy, Sisu (the black & white one). We’re looking forward to learning!


I am excited to learn some important skills with my 7 month old corgi Waffles.


Hello everyone, My name is John and I have a 9 month old Toller named Baily. She’ll be my second agility dog. I’ve taken lessons from Daisy and she has an eye for precision and challenges you so your dog and you become a great working team. Excited to learn the correct methods from the start.


Hi! I´m Kristine from Norway and I will be taking this class with my 5 months old working cocker, Mocca. She is my third agility dog, I have been doing agility for 12 years. My 6 years old danish swedish farmodog, Alma, will also do some of the work in the class, even if she is experienced 🙂


Hello, my name is Nancy and I am taking the course with my 9 month old Malinois, Kindle. She is my second agility dog. I never did fundamentals with my first dog and I look forward to creating a solid base with my new dog. My first dog did very well when she Q’d but would frequently drop bars in JWW (but not STD). Sometimes my fault for being in her way, sometimes hers for not judging the distance correctly, etc. Hope to avoid those issues with this pup. Looking forward to learning with everyone!

Brenda KayStevens

Hi! My name is Brenda and I am working with my whippet, Zen. She is 2 and has big shoes to follow as her mom is a MACH. I am looking forward to the class.


HI, I’m in this course with my partner in crime, Snow. A rescued border collie (at nine months he had had four families). We were last hope, the breeder was to euthanize him. His only problem; he’s a toy terminator and has to be active. Normal Border Collie! He’s now 3 years 6 months, one smart and calm… yes yes calm dog when he’s exercised enough. I am part of the 2018 challenge but saving up (like a squirrel) most of the lessons because I’m not quite there with my dog. This class will permit me to get off to… Read more »


Hello! My name is Jill and I am here with Jedi, my 9 month old working/field Golden. I am new to the sport of agility and Jedi has big potential, as his mom is a 6 time MACH. I have had Linda’s book since it first came out, and I am really excited to be in this class so I can have guided instruction on how best to apply its content!

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