Lateral Sends

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Here are our lateral sends. Kindle understood this instantly. Good girl! I know the tunnel configuration is a bit odd but it is a ring rental and I try and be respectful of the set up that is already there.


Thanks! Interesting idea on making her turn tighter. Sounds like a good idea! So if I send her into the tunnel and then indicate the lateral send with my left hand and then i move to my right. Do I then indicate with my right hand to come toward me and then send her around the second wing with a OMD lap turn? That is how I understand the illustration. Let me know if I get it, though I’m sure there are other descriptions of the move that apply. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sandy Mullis

Just wanted to chime in here even though I am only a spectator. While working on the lateral send my dog was going very wide and I didn’t want to practice that. I tried what Daisy described below even though I have done very little sequencing work with him and only with 2 obstacles thus far. So I was a little skeptical that this would work with him. I am happy to announce that he picked it right up and the wide turn after the lateral send was solved using a second wing and then a rear cross on the… Read more ยป


Daisy, are you still grading the course? I sent in my answers to this unit yesterday — I know you’re not sitting at computer and anxiously awaiting these responses ๐Ÿ™‚ — but just wanted to make sure you did get them. I can’t go on to the next module until it has been graded. Thanks!

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