Sending Around A Wing Plus Recalls And Turns 

 July 19, 2018

By  Daisy Peel

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Daisy Peel

Daisy has been on the forefront of the trend of online agility education, and her Online Classroom is one of the leading sources for those seeking to improve the quality of their participation in the sport from afar. Her instruction, whether online or in person, is widely sought after as some of the best instruction available for those at any level, with any type of dog.

Daisy Peel

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When I’m actually running course and doing one of these manuevers — is the dog’s name called to reinforce it to come to heal position so as to not take the jump or is it better to say “here” or “come”?


Here is our lesson. Thank you.


Thanks! We’re still here! I am just trying to make sure I have thoughtfully worked through the exercises instead of posting too quickly. Also, I have sensed that she’s getting bored with circling the wing over and over so we’ve cut back a bit. But we are 100% committed to our fundamentals. She is going to be a super fast dog so important that all our pieces are there so we have structure and control and not just speed.

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