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LOVE this trick a lot! Here is Trooper in working progress with the frog trick. https://vimeo.com/288439613/082b7ad8db


@Jordan Biggs Did my best to only shape this trick. He sometimes rolls over on his left side, not sure what is up with that ? He did one nice one today. On our bed he seems to do it better than on the floor even with the same pillow.


Jordan, is it okay to skip this one for a little? Cassie just got spayed and don’t want her stretching out her staples (again).

Sylvie Fefer

Lulu and I have never tried the frog trick before so although we made a bit of progress I really don’t think she understood why she was being clicked and treated lol!

Sylvie Fefer

Ok, I stopped the luring (although sometimes just getting myself in position acted as a lure lol!). I think I did better in this session but i realize now that I should just throw a reset cookie instead of asking to her to go “back” onto the dog bed. Anything else I should do differently? Sorry about the long video but I figured you would just fast forward anyway πŸ™‚

Sylvie Fefer

Did another session of the Frog. Lulu kept coming off the dog bed so mid-way I decided to chuck the bed. Made some progress on the behavior but not quite there yet. This trick is challenging!!

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