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Here is Trooper working on his back-ups. https://vimeo.com/288439217/62f16f2884. We had a mix of hand signals, body cues and shaping methods.


Alright – that will be my next goal – stop moving into him :). He did offer this behavior before, but I had a problem with that.. Each time I held cookies in my hands, he backs up all the time. And I don’t want him doing that. How do we create the balance?



Here’s Trooper’s progress on backing up without hand cues.



Ok!! I was wondering how to reward him. Tossing treat is a great idea. I just was afraid of him losing his position.


Hi @JordanBiggs!

i’m just auditing, but I was wondering if we should be looking for a certain number of steps before we add a cue? We are getting 3-4 steps pretty consistently.


Hi @jordanbiggs

Here is Judge’s back up “beep, beep”


This is a behavior my dog has always struggled with, so we’re taking our sweet time shaping it. While we work, should I move on to the next section as well, since the course progresses pretty quickly?


Great, thank you! She’s got two steps back now, but she still seems confused!


Okay here is our back up. Question 1: her back up is not a continuous back up until I stop. Should I reshape this? Question 2: She doesn’t go back in a straight line perfectly. Should I put gates up or something?

Sylvie Fefer

Here is a session of Lulu backing up on verbal cue. I also mixed it up with sits and downs. Toward the end of the session I backed her up and then asked for a controlled position and then asked her to back up again. She was a little confused so I added my back up hand signal to help her.

Sylvie Fefer

Here is our second session of backing up, this time with a toy reward. I also tried to get her to go even further away from me.

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