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Leadout – Forward Motion Front Cross To A Front Cross

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Hi @Daisy Peel, here is our video of this drill. Actually it’s two videos. When I tried this first I was so very much afraid of not being able to navigate Dizzy past the wing of #3 that I behaved like a chicken once again and made an extra wide turn ๐Ÿ™‚ Watching and editing the video I decided to give it another try before submitting it, so that’s the second video. You needn’t watch the first one past the first one or two trials to get the idea what went wrong. Second attempt was a bit better, I hope.… Read more ยป


Thank you @Daisy Peel for taking time to comment on both videos! To be true, for me it’s way easier to drive past a jump or a tunnel to another obstacle with Dizzy (on my right or on my left side) than to do this forced fc. We have spent a lot of training time on bypassing tunnels/obstacles and now can perform it rather confidently. On the other hand the forced fc was rather hard, mostly because of the correct timing. Dizzy is very sensitive to me turning into him, so I really had to be very thoughtful about when… Read more ยป


Hi Daisy,
Here’s our forward motion front to a front cross. Not as fast as she is in a trial but great practice for both of us. Over the last week or so we’ve done this multiple times and it’s something that I would try in a trial now that she’s pretty solid with it. Carla

Merck Salazar

Delft ( Module 7,Unit 1) Leadout – FMFX to a FX,Trial 1

Merck Salazar

Thank you for the info. Another valuable lesson you share with us, Daisy.
Slicing the bar that causes a wide landing.

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