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Leadout – Lead Out Pivot or Forced Front Cross

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Hi, @Daisy Peel, here is our lead out pivot:

Finally it stopped raining but it’s foggy and the grass still is wet and slippery, so these leadout drills with only one or two jumps are on our schedule just at exactly the right time.
We are already a bit familiar with this drill, having used it a few times in competitions. But then we started working on sending Dizzy into my back and BC .
as a better choice on fast courses.
Thank you.


Thank you @Daisy Peel for pointing this out! In fact I had concentrated so much on having Dizzy come past the plane of #1 and timing the forced front that I hadn’t paid much attention on how/when to step out of it. Re-watching your video I notice the difference and will keep that in mind on our next try of that drill.

It’s really amazing how much new things and facettes there are to explore with something as “simple” and “basic” as a front cross, this course definitely blows my mind!


Daisy, Here’s our work on the front cross with pivot. Not sure I got this exactly right. Carla

Merck Salazar

Delft ( Module 6,Unit 3) Leadout- Leadout Pivot or FFX,Trial 1

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