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Leadout – Forced Front Cross

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Hi, @Daisy Peel, here is our video for this drill:

Not quite sure if I understood this one right. Should I have waited for Dizzy to come out ouf the tunnel and lead him past the plane of 2 (like you did) or is it okay to be further ahead and cue #2 with less/no motion?

Thank you.


Thank you so much @Daisy Peel for taking the time for this great feedback! Yes, you are right, the mid-course forced front is way harder to cue precisely than the lead-out forced fc. I wouldn’t even have thought about trying it without this course and I am really very happy about this opportunity to learn and try something new. What did you say about leaving our comfort zone? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ But I am really thrilled about learning how to cue this jump with Dizzy on my left in the December Handling Challenge, this would be a very valuable cue to… Read more ยป


Hi Daisy, I think I should have started further back before the jump but piper read this pretty well. I kept moving her further and further away from the side I wanted her to go around to see how far she would still come to me rather than take the jump.

Merck Salazar

Delft ( Module 6, Unit 4) Leadout-FFX,Trial 1

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