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A Threadle As A Push Through To A Front Cross

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Hi, @Daisy Peel, here we are with our video submission for unit 3:

This one felt very strange, as I normally only bc a threadle and really had to think hard about what I was doing here first. It’s really funny how easily we get stuck in old habits ๐Ÿ™‚ But after having it tried a few times without Dizzy first, at last I felt a bit more comfortable with that fc.

Thank you for your feedback!


Thank you, @Daisy Peel, this totally makes sense! It’s a bit tricky to execute but if you get it right you can really shape a nice, tight line here. I will definitely work thoroughly on this one, a very useful skill especially for LK-2 courses.

Thank you.


Hi Daisy,
Here’s our threadle to a push through to a front cross. the threadles are tough for Piper to read for some reason so maybe I’m not doing something right? She wants to go to the backside with me and then jump moving in my direction. It’s a little tight downstairs but the ring was set up for a show tomorrow so I didn’t want to mess with it this morning. Thanks Carla

Merck Salazar

Delft ( Module 5,Unit 3) A threadle as a Push-Through to a FX,Trial 1

Merck Salazar

Thank You, Daisy, for the info. I need more run/practice. I have seen a lot of progress on my Handling Style. Wonders to ponder …. STOPS, Timing, PUSH…. Hahahaha

Janie Peirce

Daisy, well, I’ll just wait to see what you say because I was confused about this one.


Janie Peirce

Thanks, Daisy, that does make sense.


HI @Daisy Peel – My mobility is MUCH better so I am finally able to do more of these drills. Now I will need to wrap my brain around the fact that I CAN move more … without pain … so I should be able to be a little more aggressive in my handling. I am now able to do this push through to a front cross, and while it’s not super smooth yet, I think it can be. Really looking forward to throwing some of these new (to me) moves at my upcoming trial – 1st in almost a… Read more ยป


Hi @Daisy Peel – I did 5 sessions of PT and my husband and I joined a gym and try to get there at least 3X/week. Today is day 4 of our 5-day shake down cruise/agility trial. I am a little early to be doing this much, but I thought this would be a great way to “blow the stink off” both of us. Day one and two were a little crazy, but still offered encouragement. Yesterday, we picked up a 1st place T2B leg as well as a 38 sec run on a handle every inch standard course. There… Read more ยป

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